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Mini.Clip.Band - Level: Light (ca. 5,0 kg)

Mini.Clip.Band - Level: Light (ca. 5,0 kg)

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Our new, innovative outshines all conventional mini-bands. The combination of a secure magnetic closure (recyclable polyamide PA) and high-quality textile strap, of course OEKOTEX 100 certified (recycled PET and natural latex), offers a completely new dimension for your workout and is very easy to use with a flick of the wrist.

The innovative Mini.Clip.Band from Athleez is ideal for use in the areas of prevention, rehabilitation and strength training. In addition, the innovative magnetic closure offers absolute added value from absolute beginners to professional athletes.

By targeting specific muscles and muscle groups, you reduce your risk of injury with MiniBands and not only improve your stabilization, but your entire body statics. The variety of exercise options with the Athleez Mini.Clip.Band are almost endless due to the easy handling of the fastener. Use the Mini.Clip.Band wherever you want, whenever you want!

But we wouldn't be Athleez if the product didn't also promise the highest quality!


  • Weatherproof

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use

  • Excellent wearing comfort
    - No pinching and tugging on the skin
    - The band does not roll up when performing the exercise

  • Washable (hand wash recommended)

  • Enormous resistance
    The clip withstands training resistances of up to at least 150kg without any problems


  • shutter:

    • Recyclable polyamide (PA)

  • Textile Ribbon:

    • ÖKOTEX 100 certified

    • Yarn recycled from PET

    • Natural latex


  • Width: 6cm +/- 0.15cm

  • Length: approx. 30.2cm +/- 0.3cm (closed state)

  • Weight: approx. 70 g

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